Titled and absolutely gorgeous to drive.

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There is nothing quite like driving a Subaru Impreza WRC to make you come alive.  Subaru

Luckily for me, as a motoring artist, I enjoy driving these beautiful cars  – prepared by Rally School ireland,  just as much as I enjoy drawing and painting them.    This illustration has been executed in Artists’ Water-colours on Canson 300gsm paper, size A 3 format.   It has also been treated with a special glaze to prevent fading.    These Japanese cars have a very impressive history of wins in  the rally world and have a shed-load of championship titles to add to their name.

THE (driving) ARTIST IN ME……

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19 A Subaru (2)This is probably NOT what you expect an artist to look like, but…..

I love motorbikes, karting and driving very fast cars and am very lucky that I can combine my passion for these pursuits with my passion for drawing and painting these types of machinery.

For me, being able to access (and drive) racing and rally, etc., cars has built up a real understanding of these machines, which I can bring to my paintings and illustration.   It is true that I literally cut my teeth on cars and motorbikes thanks to my late father.   This early experience actually furthered my interest in all things mechanical – making my life, to-day, a really interesting and exciting one.

Soon, I shall post up details of my forthcoming motoring artwork exhibition in Rennes.

I hope you enjoy my motoring artwork and welcome any enquiries.   Thank you.

Recording an event through art.

Action painting, embed, France, image, motoring artwork, Original artwork, Signed by Artist, watercolour

I like to use my camera(s) to record events that I am involved in.   At my leisure, later on, I can download the photographs and make a drawing or painting of the particular project.   Here, I am enjoying a drive in a Peugeot WRX – courtesy of the popular Conduire @ Loheac.fr   in Brittany.  Luckily for me, the weather was good  – which added to my enjoyment.

 I mentioned cameras as I use a combination of a Fuji Finepix, a mobile phone camera and a Go Pro  to record whatever I want.   And |I take lots of photographs too, as even minute differences in positioning, light and so forth, can make huge changes to what I actually require as an artwork.

Because I work directly onto paper/canvas, I need a good quality reproduction, i.e. photo so that my artwork can be reasonably accurate.   And although I can make a lot of adjustments via the computor to any photograph, if it is not clear, or too dark, or too bright, the artwork will suffer!       My cameras are not new, nor particularly expensive and I know their foibles…..as well as my own limitations as a photographer………Anne Peugeot 2018)

The artist and the Fiat Uno. Photograph.

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This  track-day at Loheac ended up with the Fiat losing its brakes – totally,  hence me, the driver,  holding one of the large clumps of grass -collected in my efforts to stop the car!!!    No damage done!      P.S. The car has just had a complete makeover over – including new brakes and motor racing specification, brake fluid……and etc., etc……………..And hopefully will be seen on some of the Hill-Climb Courses during 2018, plus of course, a couple of local Track-Days.Anne & grass...jpg

A seriously challenging event. Ink and Crayon on paper.

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UGHHHHHH……Driving a a very fast Subaru Impreza Rally Car on a high speed and extremely slippy WRX circuit is, as I well know…….challenging!!!.   But actually, it isn’t quite as challenging, as when I was driving our Fiat Racing car on a Track-day event,  just as I was setting up the car for a fast left-hand bend – a truly ENORMOUS BLACK SPIDER   scuttled up my right arm and across my hand…………………….!!!!Fiat Anne

A joy to drive. Subaru W.R.C. Illustrated in watercolour on paper.

Action painting, image, motoring artwork, Original artwork, Signed by Artist, watercolour

Subaru  Impreza WRC.   Not exactly for road use – but fantastic on the circuit and on gravel…  Watercolour on paper size A4.   In a Private Collection.

WRCLineandWash (2)

Blue Subaru WRC. Watercolour on paper.

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If you have never  driven one of these Subaru Imprezas- you don’t know what you have missed…… Watercolour on paper size A4.     In a Private Collection.Ver 0.30N