Have you a title and a theme for your artwork?

Cayman C (3).jpgMany artists spend years floundering around in a sea of things of draw and paint – trying out this and that, leaving their studio awash with uninteresting, sometimes half-finished work.

Some artists, never get to grips with this quandry and end up frantically, drawing and painting, randomly and without any sense of true purpose, anything and everything that comes to hand.   The end result is predictable.

Whilst receiving a lst class training as an Artist, the mention of discipline in this matter, was never discussed and many of us, left College, competent artists yes, but sadly totally lacking in how to use our artistic abilities to our (and our Clients’ ) advantage!   Some of us went on to teach art and to hold irregular exhibitions ……

I was fortunate in that I fairly quickly saw and felt that the theme of motoring artwork was my sphere. True,  I paint portraits and animals, buildings and still life – but my heart and soul is in this rather specialised genre and I was lucky to have a back-ground and a real interest in all forms of motorsport.    I am privileged too, to be able, from time to time, to drive some of this machinery (such as the above Porsche Cayman ) thus enhancing my knowledge of my chosen subject.

Thank you for reading this, and if you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

N.B. Remember to keep a watch on this site for information on  my popular and FREE, Open Days for Artists ( of all levels) where I hold demonstrations in drawing & painting in my Art Studio, close to Rennes.   Early booking is advised as places are limited.



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