INK and PENCIL are excellent mediums

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I admit to enjoying using both pens and pencils for my drawing work.   Both of these mediums are highly controlable  though ink work is not easily corrected if you make a mistake……  Therefore,  I always “rough” out my subject in a soft pencil before applying the ink.

Another thing I do is leave the work alone after the pencil work, for a while.   Its amazing how you can spot any error(s) when you return to a work.   Staring at the board for end-less hours, definitely makes you incapable to seeing mistakes……..

It is essential to use a very soft rubber to eradicate unwanted pencil lines and to highlight facial features.    Also,  brush off all rubber dust with a wide and soft, fan, water-colour brush and then  use a hair-drier to blow away all the rubber debrix.


VR & Y

Impactful Art. Stage No. 1.


Making an artwork work i.e artwork that creates an impact does NOT have to be in full colour.    In this particular motoring artwork, the subjects are the well-known French Rally Driver – Sébastien Loeb , seen below- executed in soft pencil and one of the cars he drives – a Citroen – which I have illustrated (see the forthcoming Stage 11) in ink.

What is very important though, is the positioning of the subject or subjects, as in this instance.   People (and animals) naturally dominate an artwork, mainly because we become engaged with their eyes.   It is important, therefore, that this feature does not  end up as the dominant force, because then other parts of the painting, a car in this case, will end up by being “swallowed” by the power of the portrait part of the artwork.

This particular motoring artwork has been illustrated, using only pencil and fine liner black pen, on #Canson paper.    Stage 111 ( the final artwork ) will show a modicum of colour – coloured pencil as a defining point to this artwork.    Please enjoy and I welcome you to my Art Class (free) on the 6th November, where you learn how to draw and paint your own personal Christmas cards and where enjoyment is absolutely guaranteed………..S L head.jpg

Speed is possible in watercolours….


One of the problems, if you like of painting int watercolours, is the realization of the action of a subject.    This is not too difficult to achieve in oils nor in acrylics, but it has to be handled with deliberate attention when using watercolours.    This is really the case where less is best.   You will note that under and at the rear of the right hand rear wheel and under and at the right hand side of the left hand front wheel – I have not painted any colour at all.   This is to represent the dust thrown up by the momentum of the fast moving car.      The shadow surrounding the car,  is broken up too, in order to accent the feeling of movement.  Keeping the background blurred is another way to improve the sense of movement.  Please enjoy these two motoring artworks.painting porsche.jpg

DA Porsche..JPG

Sometimes colour doesn’t do the job…..


As someone who really enjoys drawing, there are times when a drawing on its’ own makes the statement you intend.    In this instance, when I looked at the pencil sketch of this glorious Auto Union, I felt that to execute it in colour would somehow diminish the effect I wanted.   Instead, I completed the work using a Staedler Pigment liner, 0.05 fine line drawing pen on Canson 300gsm paper.   This ink is, importantly, water resistant.

I hope you agree that I made the correct decision in this case.Auto Union B.jpg

One man, one car. Erik Comas and the inimitable Renault Alpine A110 – a truly formidable rally and racing french combination.


This original, signed artwork measures 50cm x 50cm and features Erik Comas and the car so closely associated with him – the wonderful and iconic Renault Alpine A110.   This artwork has been painted in Artist’s Oils on primed, box canvas and is available for sale.

Motoring artwork commissions accepted.  Please enquire for full details, price list, etc.E.Comas 1..jpg

Building on the bones of a Rally Escort

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Artwork generally proceeds with a pencil sketch and then the “bones” of the work have to be filled in, bit by bit.   This is a view of one such artwork.   Now in a Private Collection.Escort Mk 11



ABOUT ME.             At 3, I started drawing and painting – thanks to my mother and at 6   , I began my lifelong passion with cars and motorbikes –  thanks to my father.                         Admittedly, a high achiever at High School and Art College in Ireland it wasn’t until after I  married my Racing Driver Husband, Adrian and had two sons, Paul and Graham – both        now involved in Motor Sport – that I unleashed my Entrepreneurial Spirit and opened    Andrian Interiors, an Interior Design & Decoration Company and then the  National College of Interior Design & Art and the Dublin School of Art.   These latter two    Educational facilities,  being aimed specifically at students seeking higher level education on a part-time basis., for their work and career purposes.   Being fluent in French  I also opened  a successful business – Agence France – an agency specialising in finding homes and apartments for buyers in France.        Brittany, West France, though beckoned and several years ago, Adrian and I left Ireland to start a happy and very successful phase of our lives in our l7thC Longere where I now have my well-known Art Studio.

MISSION STATEMENT:       My aim is to encourage and help as many artists as possible    to seriously improve their artistic skills,  techniques and subject ranges.   If you would like more information on my popular (free) Open days, Art Classes etc., please fill in the form below.    Your reply will be with you usually, within 24 hours.