An Artist’s view of art.

Some artists work in one medium and on one subject. However, I enjoy being involved in several quite varied subjects that range from Motoring Artwork to Still-life: from Buildings to Landscapes and from human to animal portraiture. My mediums and their surfaces are also varied, as I like to work in oils, water colours, line and wash, acrylics and pencil. My favourite surfaces are grained and non-grained art paper, stretched canvas and primed board.

Teaching art is also one of my favourite parts of being an artist as it is wonderful to see a budding artist (of any) age develop their confidence and competance in their own drawings and paintings with the aid of my help.

Art is very personal, both to the Artist and to their customer, particularly commissioned artworks and it is up to an Artist to translate their customer’s needs and wishes when creating an artwork, large or small, for them. Being an Artist is extremely time consuming, as rushed artwork, looks exactly what it is – rushed artwork. So please enjoy my web-site and the variety of drawings and paintings that will be posted there.

A mock-tudor house

A mock-tudor house

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