Chosing an artist from whom you wish to order a commission, can be extremely difficult. If the artwork is for you, then that choice is less problematic, but chosing an artwork for some-one else can be a less than smooth passage. However, to-day, lots of artists have their own web-site or have their pages displayed on Social Networks, and a trawl through, may assist you in deciding upon the artist you wish to execute an artwork.

Some artists are very flexible in their range of subjects and materials, others less so. A small artwork, or even a Greeting Card, created for you, by an Artist, is a useful way of sourcing your artist. Not all artists, though, offer these facilities.
An artist who is open to discussion about their work – i.e. has Open Days (Portes Ouvertes) – where you can see their artwork on display (though not necessarily purchase a work) and one who is willing to discuss prices with you, could influence your choice too.

I enjoy having people come to my Open Days and to my (free) drawing and painting demonstrations – where I raffle the finished artwork – so that one of the guests can win that work and I also offer Gift Vouchers. All my artworks are certified, signed and original drawings and paintings and they are also subject to copyright. Finding the right artist and the right artwork is very important as the latter is a very permanent feature, so take your time and get to meet and see artists and their artwork. I think you will be very satisfied with the result.

    An ink and wash illustration of stone Chaumnieres.

An ink and wash illustration of stone Chaumnieres.

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