Impactful Art. Stage No. 1.


Making an artwork work i.e artwork that creates an impact does NOT have to be in full colour.    In this particular motoring artwork, the subjects are the well-known French Rally Driver – Sébastien Loeb , seen below- executed in soft pencil and one of the cars he drives – a Citroen – which I have illustrated (see the forthcoming Stage 11) in ink.

What is very important though, is the positioning of the subject or subjects, as in this instance.   People (and animals) naturally dominate an artwork, mainly because we become engaged with their eyes.   It is important, therefore, that this feature does not  end up as the dominant force, because then other parts of the painting, a car in this case, will end up by being “swallowed” by the power of the portrait part of the artwork.

This particular motoring artwork has been illustrated, using only pencil and fine liner black pen, on #Canson paper.    Stage 111 ( the final artwork ) will show a modicum of colour – coloured pencil as a defining point to this artwork.    Please enjoy and I welcome you to my Art Class (free) on the 6th November, where you learn how to draw and paint your own personal Christmas cards and where enjoyment is absolutely guaranteed………..S L head.jpg

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