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Well, this title is probably familiar to many viewers of t.v. programmes dealing with property, but in this case, I am using it to describe where and why you should locate a subject(s) on your page or canvas, before finalising it.

When painting a landscape/seascape it is usual to drop the horizon to the lower third or to place it along the upper third of your page.    If you have something you particularly wish to highlight, then positioning it, not absolutely centrally, but slightly to one side of the central dividing point of the page, etc.,    can give enormous impact to your work.

Locating or positioning a group of items on, for instance, a still-life work is also extremely important, visually.   All too often a good artwork is spoilt by the random placing of items of various sizes and shapes and this fractures the appearance of the artwork.      Careful grouping – and you may have to do this several times before you are satisfied with the outcome, can produce a work that is appealing and hopefully, saleable.

If, as in the case below, you have just one subject, use the background to highlight it.   Fill the surface with the subject if you wish, but leave enough space above and below it, to highlight and emphasise it as an action painting.   And of course, please allow enough space all round, to frame the work without losing bits of it!!

This motoring artwork, Artists’ watercolour on Langton 300 g/m2 paper, features a sports-racing car, the l963 Lola GT – fore-runner of the GT 40.



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